Would you like to get your property in a magazine to show its full potential.

Our glossy magazine shown digital and prints will enhance your advert to a high standard.

Our magazine is local and global for all readers to see your advert in its full potential.

To advertise your property in a magazine can be very expensive, here at Get Noticed Magazine we have made it affordable for  landlords/seller to advertise their properties.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and quality therefore our magazine will not except all adverts.


If your property is of a high speck and you want to get your property to appear in our magazine then we would love to hear from you.

Take a look at the adverts in our magazine to give you an idea of the advert you looking to have published.

When we have received your submission an approval will be made within three days.


Once our editors have approved your submission, you may then proceed to make payment on line in the advertising/payment section.

Please do not make any payment until your advert has been approved for publishing.

Please send us good clear photos along with details of your property.

[For all interior designers for properties please go to the business section] 



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