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About Get Noticed Magazine

We are thrilled to introduce the first magazine that provides a platform for emerging music artists to promote their work alongside established musicians. Additionally, our magazine showcases the latest trends in the modeling industry.

For readers aspiring to enter the modeling industry or freelance models seeking more opportunities, our glossy magazine offers a chance to feature and promote yourself, connecting you with fashion companies, modeling agencies, and businesses.

Never before has there been such an opportunity for individuals to gain recognition in this manner.

Established in 2020, Get Noticed Magazine is a digital and glossy print publication, offering comprehensive coverage of both renowned and up-and-coming music artists, as well as the latest fashion trends, models, and businesses.

According to the magazine media factbook, there is a growing trend of consumers turning to online digital magazines, reflecting an increasing demand for digital media in magazine format.

Advertising in magazines is a sophisticated way to promote yourself or your business, but it can often be expensive, running into hundreds or even thousands.

Having managed several businesses in the past, we understand that marketing is often the most costly aspect of business operations.

At Get Noticed Magazine, we have made advertising affordable for all businesses and talents, ensuring high-quality promotion.

We are dedicated to showcasing the talents of artists, models, and businesses, helping them pursue their dreams of success.

Our magazine provides a platform for young talent seeking recognition in the music and modeling industries, as well as for businesses and individuals looking to promote their work.

In addition to promoting emerging talents, we also feature the latest singers and bands making waves in the music industry.

Get Noticed Magazine is distributed both locally and globally, reaching audiences in the music, fashion, and modeling industries.

Moreover, our magazine serves as a networking platform, connecting models and talents with fashion brands, businesses, and photographers seeking collaborations.

Our magazine releases issues every three months, covering autumn, winter, spring, and summer seasons.

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