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We are excited to present the first magazine that allows up and coming music artists to promote their music alongside famous music artists. Our magazine also shows the latest models in the modelling industry.

For all readers who are looking to break into the modelling industry or freelance models looking for more work, our glossy magazine gives you the chance to model yourself in our glossy magazine, helping you to promote yourself to fashion

companies, the modelling industry and businesses.

Never has there been a chance for people to be recognized in such a way.

Founded In 2020 Get Noticed Magazine is an online digital and glossy printed music magazine, multi-platform media covering

the latest famous music artists, up and coming music artists, it also shows the latest fashions, models, and businesses. 

According to the magazine media factbook, an increasing number of people are now reading online digital magazines.

The factbook shared some eye-opening figures that speak to the trend of consumers demanding more and more digital media

in the form of magazine publications.

Advertising in a magazine is a very classy way to promote yourself or your business but can be very expensive and run in hundreds or even thousands.


Having run several businesses in the past we found marketing the most expensive thing in business.

Here at Get Noticed Magazine, we have made it affordable for all businesses and talent to advertise and promote their self

to a high standard.


We showcase our work of talent, models, and businesses to help them reach their dreams of success.

Young talent wanting to be recognised in the music industry, modelling industry. or businesses and people wanting to promote their work.

Our magazine allows you to advertise yourself and promote yourself or your business.

We also advertise the latest singers and bands to look out for in the music industry.

Get Noticed Magazine is distributed locally and globally, we also push our magazine out to the music, fashion and modelling industries.


Our magazine is also a platform link for models and talent to be connected with our fashion, businesses and photographers who may be looking for models or talent for their business.


Get Noticed Magazine issues run every three months autumn winter spring and summer.



About Get Noticed Magazine

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