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Advertise your business in our magazine 

Advertising your business with Get Noticed Magazine will help promote your business.

A number of people around the globe are now demanding more and more digital media in the form of magazine publications.

Digital magazines offer an enhanced brand advertising experience because they place the reader in a highly designed editorial context which drives reader engagement and purchase intent. 

Advertising your business in a magazine is a very classy way to promote your business, but can be very expensive and can run into hundreds or even thousands, having run a number of businesses in the past we found marketing the most expensive thing in business.

Here at Get Noticed Magazine, we have made it affordable for all businesses to advertise and promote their business.

We have a number of businesses advertising with Get Noticed Magazine from;

fashion, food, beauty, property, photography, entertainment world, and many more.

Get Noticed Magazine is also a great platform for our advertisers and readers to be linked together.
Many people in the fashion industry have used our models who are advertised in our magazine, and clubs and pubs have used the talent acts advertised with our magazine.

To advertise in our next issue please send us good clear photos and details of your business.
When we have received your submission approval will be made within three days.
Once our editors have approved your advert you may then proceed to make payment online in the advertising/payment section.

Please do not make any payment until your advert has been approved for publishing.

Please send business adverts to


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