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                 Get Out There Get Noticed  

        Models From Our Previous Issues 

If you have always wanted to model in a magazine and get your look out there, now is your chance. Our magazine is giving our readers the chance
to get their look in our glossy magazine. 

If you feel you have the right look for our magazine and you are looking to go into modelling or you want to improve your modelling career,
or get your look in a magazine.

If you are aged 16 years and above then Get Noticed Magazine is for you.

Get Noticed Magazine helps people to succeed in the career they are looking to pursue.

We do not charge models to advertise their self for work in our magazine, however for every model that shows determination 
and is serious about a career in the modelling industry and purchases the magazine to keep for their future portfolio, we will push all such models out to the fashion industry and various modelling agencies.
Some models are now marketing themself with their own portfolio.
Marketing yourself can come from getting the right jobs, getting career breaking jobs can be hard, our magazine will help to market you and promote you for work, or to be signed up by a reputable modelling agency.

Get Noticed Magazine allows you to advertise yourself and promote yourself in this industry.
Our magazine will show if you have the potential for this work, it will be shown globally online.
We also push copies of our magazine to modelling agencies advertising companies and the fashion industry.

Fashion companies who advertise with us may also be looking for models.

These companies may contact us directly if they see any potential model, we will then forward your details to such companies with your permission stated in our terms and conditions.

Such companies may be looking for models for facial, catwalk, petite, curve models, or TV commercials. 
[please note we are not an agency we are an advertising magazine] We do not take any payment or negotiate for any work you do through our magazine this is between yourself and the employer.

Our magazine is to help advertise and promote you to finding work.

If your look gets the most work from advertising with Get Noticed magazine we will publish you in our next issue on the front cover and or a whole page in the magazine.

Advice: If you do get approached by any modelling agency please be aware that no reputable model agency will ask you to pay for an expensive portfolio, most reputable modelling agencies don't charge you for your portfolio.

We have heard so many stories of potential models looking to work in this industry paying hundreds or even thousands to agencies to take photos /portfolios, our aim is to help young potential models from falling victim to this.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and quality, therefore, our magazine will not accept all candidates we will only accept people whom we think have the potential for this industry.

Our magazine runs every three months summer autumn winter and spring.

To model for our glossy magazine, please see how to apply in our printed magazine.

When we have received your submission approval will be made within three days,
Once our editors have approved your submission we will contact you regarding being published in our magazine.
When we have received your submission and approval will be made within three days,


   See How To Get Published 
                 In Our                            Printed Magazine        Today!

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