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                        Terms And Conditions

This service is owned and operated by Get Noticed the user may view pages within the Get Noticed Magazine which is visible at or paperback.
You can print out any copy of contents for personal [noncommercial purposes] the user may not otherwise copy or reproduce redistribute download adapt or alter any material contained in Get Noticed Magazine or website.
Get Noticed Magazine does not provide a warranty of any kind, is an advertisement magazine only.
You must be at least 16 years and over in order to use and advertise in our magazine,
if you are aged between 16 years and 17 years of age you will need permission from
an adult to advertise in our magazine.

Get Noticed Magazine consists of businesses, fashion, models, talent.
Our magazine reaches a fast number of the public as its a digital global magazine, and
a printed magazine.

Although we push our magazine out to the music industry and the modelling industry
and link models and talent to businesses and globally to the public to help people find work and sell their business products.

Get Noticed Magazine cannot guarantee business/work for every admission.
For candidates  who have found success or work through being
advertised with our magazine would be obliged to take part in our next issue to be published on the front cover and or whole page in the 

magazine to let readers know of the work and success they have achieved through advertising with Get Noticed Magazine.
Get Noticed Magazine editors must approve all submissions before
they can go ahead with publishing your advert or photos.

Please note: we will not accept all submissions for our magazine we will only accept submissions that are suitable, and who our editors think have
For businesses: Get Noticed Magazine charges an advertisement fee, this must be
paid in full before the closing date in order for our editors
to upload your advert to be published in our magazine.

Should you decide not to proceed after payment has been made you have 14 days to cancel, there will be no refund made after 14 days.
If you cancel your submission after 14 days but three weeks before the publish date we can remove your advert/photos however there will be no refund after 14 days.
Companies often contact us in regards to candidates/ adverts who are advertised in our magazine, with your permission we will forward your details on to such companies.
Please note Get Noticed Magazine is an advertising magazine only therefore we do not act as an agent.
We do not negotiate or take a commission from any work you have found through our magazine.


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