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Look Out For The Next Big Emerging Music Artists for 2024



Miu Haiti (Hilton Auguste (_mekitwokht)) (1)_edited.jpg












                        Signed to 

                Purfek Storm Group

                  Keep an eye out for the

     Dynamic Multilingual Music Artist

                        Miu Haiti,

Her musical brilliance dazzles with the release of her captivating debut album." 


    Check out her latest Single/Video 

                    "Is This Love,"



Izzy E

Izzy E

Onika Venus 

Kuklee v_edited_edited.jpg











    Experience the soulful journey of                                   Kuklee,  

                     R&B singer 

            With East African Flair

          Originally from East Africa

              now based in the UK.

     Listen to his Infusing Soulful Sounds

                 and his new single 





Screenshot 2024-03-08 101339.png

         Christian Smith











        Rising Singer Songwriter 

              Christian Smith 

       Unveils Highly Anticipated 

          Single And Music Video 


        With a musical style deeply

     rooted in rugged heartland rock.

    He unveils his latest masterpiece,                                  "Aurora,


Exploring the World of British Rock

Screenshot 2024-03-08 112847.png

These Wicked Rivers emerged as Derby's torchbearers in the resurgent wave of rock and roll sweeping the United Kingdom. Infused with influences from rock legends and blues pioneers, the band swiftly carved a niche with their distinctive blend of blues-infused modern rock, captivating audiences nationwide with their dynamic live performances.

Prepare to be enthralled as Valhalla Awaits, the powerhouse rock ensemble hailing from South Wales, unveils their latest masterpiece, 'Perdition', slated for release this March. The journey through 'Perdition' commences with the haunting resonance of "Door of No Return.

 Unveiling the Journey of Featured Artists

Screenshot 2024-03-07 151140_edited.jpg

"Revisit the allure of our previous front cover featuring Ike Rhein and catch a glimpse of his captivating music.

His newest album is on the horizon, promising a sonic journey like no other. Stay tuned for its release!"

"In our previous issue, readers were invited to join us on a captivating journey through the illustrious career of Liv Hanna. Now, let's delve deeper into her musical world as we continue to follow her mesmerizing journey."

"Emily Adams: The Folk Singer Whose Heartfelt Songs Earned Her Best Folk Song of the Year" - Featured in Our Last Issue, Follow Her Musical Journey."

                           Get Noticed!
In The Modelling Industry And Get  Featured In Our                                 Magazine!   
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Screenshot 2024-02-24 145001.png


      Meet our captivating former

               front cover model

            Sarune Urbonaviciene.        

       from modeling to a flourishing

       acting career across various

    shows and television, her journey

    is both inspiring and enthralling."



         Meet the successful freelance                          model  Conran Arora

          he models for various fashion                            brands, magazines, and                                        commercials.

Screenshot 2024-03-07 120825.png

      Introducing Yvonne Goder,

     a versatile model/actor who

    has graced the screens of top

    movies and dramas with her                         captivating presence

    and talent."Follow Her Journey :

                     @ yveg_

        Presenting the professional

               freelance fashion model

                      Christina May

        with a captivating blend of                               British and Italian heritage. 

        Successful freelance model 

                    Sean McLean 

      His captivating presence and

     innate talent extend beyond

   modelling, as Sean seamlessly

    transitions into the realm of


                   Paul Miller

      The epitome of versatility:

       a model, influencer, and                            photographer, celebrated

           by fashion and sports

       brands alike. Their dynamic                   presence behind and in front

     of the camera captivates

           audiences globally."

  Introducing: Yasmin Adderson

   A freelance model renowned

   for her appearances in fashion

  TV commercials and her recent

   win in the most photogenic

   natural beauty category at

   Top Model. Follow: @yaz.model

  Photography By

     Jan Valeus

      Meet Callum Growcott, a                         prominent model whose runway              presence dazzles audiences at                prestigious fashion shows.

      His remarkable talent has

      earned him numerous awards,                including recognition as the

      best male model. Callum has

      graced the pages of various                   magazines,@callum_growcott

roberta page 1.png

The New Face Model 



                        See More of Our Models
                                                       Inside This Issue!                                                  
                                                     Read About Roberta's
                                        Journey into the Modeling World
                                               Meet the Fresh New Face of
                                                        The Season



fashion red.png

  Anticipating the Hottest Predicted

               Fashion Trends of

         Spring/Summer 2024:

    From London to Paris to New York." 

     Prepare to embrace the effortlessly cool vibe with

          baggy flared and patch design jeans

                 this Spring/Summer 2024." 


    For Radiant Beauty:                  DIY Natural Home                   Treatments
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Screenshot 2024-03-11 140610.png

"Unlock the Secret to Youthful Skin:                    Revitalize with Nature
using Avocado and Honey Face
         Mask Recipe with Natural

Screenshot 2024-03-11 141458.png

             "Unlock Tighter Skin:
Exploring the Benefits of Egg Whites                           for Skin Firming"    


The Next Generation of Up-and-Coming Music Icons

Screenshot 2024-03-07 160652_edited.jpg

"Meet the extraordinary Izzy E,

a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter who captured the spotlight on our previous front cover." Listen To Her Latest Single Here!

2 Dance Forever (1)
00:00 / 02:47
Screenshot 2023-11-23 105701.png

 INX, the young Nigerian rapper, is rapidly gaining acclaim not only within Nigeria but also on a global scale for his electrifying fusion of Afrobeat and rap music. Dive into his latest track and witness the buzz surrounding this rising star!

"Our magazine is

       giving new


      music artists

  a chance to promote

   their music and be


    See how to apply

    inside this issue!"

Screenshot 2024-03-11 150424.png

Introducing Tristan Bexton, the rising rap sensation better known as 'TB.' Hailing from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, this prodigious talent has been honing his craft as a rap artist for the past five years. Keep an eye on this promising artist as he makes waves in the music scene!


Presenting Onika Venus, the former front cover reggae and soul singer, and accomplished songwriter. Immerse yourself in her latest single, "Turn It Up," and witness firsthand the brilliance of her musical talent!

"Master the Music


Tips for Breaking 

Into the Music Industry"

See Inside This Seasons 


    Delicious Recipe In This Season Issue

Unlock Culinary Delights:           Explore Our Delicious

  Recipe Collection Inside

           This Issue!

    From: Quick And Easy

     Midweek Meals To

  Low-Carb Healthy Options

    And Delicious Desserts

 Effortless 10-Minute       Seafood Linguine

  Savor The Flavors 0f

     Spain Traditional: 

Spanish Fish Soup Recipe

Screenshot 2024-03-11 170045.png

Indulge in Homemade Chocolate Brownies:

 A Decadent Delight

  Satisfyingly Spiced


  Cashew Nut Curry

   Low-Carb Root

  Vegetable Gratin:

      A Guilt-Free

Comfort Food Option

Screenshot 2024-03-12 085508.png

      "Unveiling the Health Benefits of Low-Impact Exercise:

                       A Gentle Path to Wellness"

                          Izzy E 

yoga w.png
Unveiling the Profound          Benefits of Yoga:
A Path to Wellness
swimming woman.png
Dive into Wellness:
Exploring the Benefits of Swimming
walking .png
The Undeniable Benefits of Walking: Embracing the
Low-Impact Path to Health and Wellness

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Screenshot 2024-03-12 111847.png
By Fillipe Gomes

Masterful Moments:
The Art of Capturing Perfection

   Attention All 



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  (Personal Songwriting Musicians) 


 For A Customized Musical Journey.

 Discover A Diverse Playlist                 Spanning R&B/Pop,              Rap/Afrobeat, Reggae, Blues,                 And Rock.

 "Click The Link Below To Listen        To Their Incredible Songs,

     And Discover How They

  Can Write The Perfect Song

            Just For You."

 Whether You're A Chart-topping                 Superstar,

       An Emerging Talent,

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 Seeking To Capture A Moment   

    With A Personalized Song, 


  Is Your Destination To Transform     Musical Dreams Into Reality.


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